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Finn Pirates

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► Finn picture books are among the most popular read-aloud books for kids aged 4-8► Short animations and interactive features turn the story into a witty adventure► Includes an exciting memory game and fun puzzle with two levels of difficultyFinn’s always coming up with new ideas that get him into trouble. During bath time, Finn’s wild splashing caused a huge flood. His mother was not very happy about it. But Finn didn’t mind. He slid into the water, deeper and deeper – until he suddenly landed at sea. Captain Flint, Long John, and Fat Pete were startled by the strange discovery in their fishing net and titled Finn an “ordinary seaman.“ In the evening, Finn climbed up to the crow’s nest where he discovered - oh dear! – Captain Monkfish’s pirate ship. Can Finn, together with new friends, pull a fast one on the pirates? Yes, because Finn has, as always, a darn good plan!
In this app, young children join Finn and his new friends on great adventure. Thanks to short animations and plenty of interactive features, children will sink into the world of pirates and stolen treasure. Silly sounds, a puzzle, and a memory game make the app a unique experience for buccaneers of all ages.
Irene Wellershoff and Jan Birck wow us once again with their Finn books - bold, imaginative, and with big heart!
FEATURES--------------------------------------------------------------------------- Numerous animations, funny sound effects, and exciting interactive options for children- Magical and imaginative art - Captivating narration included in three languages by native speakers- Contains two games: pairs and a puzzle with two levels of difficulty- Appropriate for children: no in-app purchases- Intuitive, child-friendly controls- Language options: English, Mandarin Chinese and German